Motion sensor (PIR sensor)

  • All-weather performance, IP67
  • Maintenance free (turn on and forgot)
  • Most used security sensor for offices and residential premises
  • Periodically confirms that it is armed (sends a status message)
  • Alarm messages are transmitted instantly and repeated several times in a row to ensure message delivery
  • Powered by ER14505 battery (included), rated for 50,000 messages, which is equivalent to 5 years of operation when sending messages once an hour
The sensor uses the long-established technology of passive infrared sensors or "motion sensors", which are widely used in the protection of offices and residential premises.
The sensor continuously transmits status messages at predetermined time intervals, and motion alarm messages transmitted immediately and repeated several times to ensure delivery.
It also can be used to monitor a safe or a shelf. For example, putting the sensor in a drawer or safe - you will receive a signal if someone opens them.


Operating temperature: -40 to +80°C
Ingress Protection Code: IP67
Power system type: autonomous
Supply voltage: 3.6V
Battery type: 14505
Weight: 64 grams
Dimensions: 170×28×28 mm
Frequency range: 863.0-870.0 MHz
Transmitter output power: 25mW
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