Soil moisture sensor

  • Measures the amount of extracted moisture
  • Tensiometric sensor, water is poured into the sensor during installation, it has a ceramic tip for exchanging humidity with the environment. The amount of moisture is determined using a pressure sensor. Readings do not depend on the type of soil
  • The depth of control can be in the range from 10 to 120 cm or more (on request).
  • Applied throughout the season and should be removed from the soil for winter storagePowered by an ER14505 battery (included) rated for 50,000 messages, guaranteeing a minimum of 5 years of operation (one message per hour)
The sensor works in two versions - using the Bluetooth protocol, you can receive data directly to your smartphone, within a radius of up to 50 meters from the sensor. Alternatively, you can use the GoodWAN long-range radio channel to collect data at distances of tens of kilometers.

Accuracy of capillary component of soil moisture potential: ±2%
Maximum measuring depth: 1500 мм
Value measurement time: 200ms
Value measurement and radio transmission time: 1,700 ms
Operating temperature range: +5 to +60°C
Power system type: autonomous
Supply voltage: 3.6V
Battery type: ER 14 505
Frequency range: 863.0-870.0 MHz
Transmitter output power: 25mW
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